Configure LAMP Server (Linux, Apache,MySQL,PHP) VirtualMin

Configure LAMP Server (Linux, Apache,MySQL,PHP) VirtualMin

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Virtualmin is the One of the favorite Web control Panel Of  Linux Professionals, We easily manage and configure  the server.  It allows a user to configure and administer a server without the need to log in on the command line using a web interface.



Virtualmin is a Webmin module for managing multiple virtual hosts through a single interface, like Plesk or Cpanel. It supports the creation and management of Apache virtual hosts, BIND DNS domains, MySQL databases, and mailboxes and aliases with Sendmail or Postfix . It makes use of the existing Webmin modules for these servers, and so should work with any existing system configuration, rather than needing it’s own mail server, web server and so on.

Two versions of Virtualmin exist:

Virtualmin GPL wichich is a free and the open source version.

This is the freely downloadable version, licensed under the GPL. It is under active development, but does   not contain all of the features of the Pro version.
Virtualmin Pro wichich is a the commercail version of Virtualmin.

This is the commerical version that you have to pay for. It includes numerous features not in the GPL version (like script installers, resellers, HTML editor, an improved UI, mobile access, spam and virus filtering). Customers also get support, a simplified complete installation script and access to a repository of updated packages. To learn more, visit the Virtualmin Pro website.


Step1:  Download Installation Scripts

# wget
–2015-05-31 01:11:06–
Connecting to||:80… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK
Length: 47633 (47K) [application/x-sh]
Saving to: `’

100%[======================================>] 47,633      73.5K/s   in 0.6s

2015-05-31 01:11:07 (73.5 KB/s) – `’ saved [47633/47633]


Step 2:  Installing Virtualmin package

All packages will be downloading from internet, so your internet line should not be disconnect during installation. It is better to have good bandwidth, because virtualmin will download all dependencies and necessary packages from the internet.

Login to your new server as root, either via ssh or directly on the console, and run the following commands:

# /bin/sh


Checking for Perl
found Perl at /usr/bin/perl

Welcome to the Virtualmin GPL installer, version 1.1.2


The installation is quite stable and functional when run on a freshly
installed supported Operating System.

If you have existing websites, email users, or if you manually installed
Virtualmin via a Webmin ‘wbm’ module, you are likely to run into problems.
Please read the Virtualmin Administrators Guide before proceeding if
your system is not a freshly installed and supported OS.

This script is not intended to update your system!  It should only be
used to perform your initial Virtualmin installation.  If you have previously
run the Virtualmin installer, you can perform upgrades and updates from within
Virtualmin itself, or using your system’s package manager. Once Virtualmin is
installed, you never need to run this script again.

The systems currently supported by are:
CentOS/RHEL/Scientific Linux 7 on x86_64
CentOS and RHEL 5-6 on i386 and x86_64
Scientific Linux 6 on i386 and x86_64
Debian 6, 7, and 8 on i386 and amd64
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, 12.04 LTS, and 14.04 LTS on i386 and amd64
Amazon Linux 2012.03 on i386 and x86_64
FreeBSD 7.0 and 8 on i386 and amd64

If your OS is not listed above, this script will fail.  More details
about the systems supported by the script can be found here:

Continue? (y/n)  y    <—————— press Y here
Checking for HTTP client…found /usr/bin/curl -s -O
Checking for perl…found /usr/bin/perl
Loading log4sh logging library…
INFO – Started installation log in /root/virtualmin-install.log
INFO – Checking for fully qualified hostname…
INFO – Hostname OK: fully qualified as
INFO – Installing serial number and license key into /etc/virtualmin-license
INFO – Loading OS selection library…
INFO – Download of Succeeded.
INFO – Loading OS list…
INFO – Download of Succeeded.
INFO – Operating system name:    CentOS Linux
INFO – Operating system version: 5
INFO – Configuring package manager for CentOS Linux 5…
INFO – Disabling SELinux during installation…
/usr/sbin/setenforce: SELinux is disabled
INFO –   setenforce 0 failed: 1
INFO – Download of Succeeded.
warning: virtualmin-release-latest.noarch.rpm: Header V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID a0bdbcf9
Running updatedb so locate works…this will take a little while
Attempting to import various system RPM-GPG-KEY files…Errors may occur,
if you’ve already imported them.  It is safe to ignore these errors.
INFO –  Succeeded.
INFO – Installing dependencies using command: /usr/bin/yum -y -d 2 install bind bind-utils caching-nameserver httpd postfix spamassassin procmail perl-DBD-Pg perl-DBD-MySQL quota iptables openssl python mailman subversion mysql mysql-server mysql-devel mariadb mariadb-server postgresql postgresql-server rh-postgresql rh-postgresql-server logrotate webalizer php php-xml php-gd php-imap php-mysql php-odbc php-pear php-pgsql php-snmp php-xmlrpc php-mbstring mod_perl mod_python cyrus-sasl dovecot spamassassin mod_dav_svn cyrus-sasl-gssapi mod_ssl ruby ruby-devel rubygems perl-XML-Simple perl-Crypt-SSLeay mlocate perl-LWP-Protocol-https
…in progress, please wait…

Note: This takes too much time …wait for , if you want to see activity , What is going on in the backround ? then type command on  another terminal

# tail -f  /root/virtualmin-install.log

Running Transaction Test
Finished Transaction Test
Transaction Test Succeeded
Running Transaction
Updating       : openssl                                                 1/73
Updating       : mysql                                                   2/73
Updating       : expat                                                   3/73
Updating       : httpd                                                   4/73
Updating       : net-snmp-libs                                           5/73
Installing     : ruby-libs                                               6/73
Installing     : ruby                                                    7/73
Installing     : php-pdo                                                 8/73
Updating       : procmail                                                9/73
Installing     : perl-XML-Parser                                        10/73
Updating       : dovecot                                                11/73
warning: /etc/dovecot.conf created as /etc/dovecot.conf.rpmnew

It shows background activity ………………….!!!


After all done, we have to open  browser for further installation





usermin6 usermin8 usermin9 usermin7usermin9 usermin10 usermin11 usermin12 usermin13 usermin14 usermin15

for more explanation on virtualmin please view our youtube video. This  is an excellent control panel for web-hosting…


Very Easy !!  isn’t it ?

Use Linux !!  Linux Rocks …………………………….!!

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