How to configure DHCP Service in Endian Firewall Part – 3

How to configure DHCP Service in Endian Firewall Part – 3

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A brief introduction about DHCP Service

Endian Firewall provides a service called DHCP(Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) which allows you to control network configuration of your all computers and other networking devices. When a computer joins in to your network it will automatically be given a valid ip address, subnet mask, gateway address and DNS ip address.

Server Information

These information require to configure DHCP service
Firewall IP Address
IP range start from End to (Change with yours)
Gateway Address (Change with yours)
Primary DNS (Change with yours or you can set firewall ip if you want to resolve name locally.)
Secondary DNS (Change with yours)

DHCP Configuration

You need to enable dhcp service in endian firewall from service menu. We are giving here DHCP configuration in a single snapshot in which all settings are defined.



Check status of DHCP service

Go to Status menu option and confirm the running dhcp service status.


DHCP service configuration part has been done.

Setup Client System

Go on client machine where you need to disable Local Area Connection once and enable again. After go to networking and sharing center and check the status of Network connection assigned by DHCP. Make sure to use this feature the machines must be configured in order to obtain their network configuration automatically.

Set IP Settings automatically


Go to Details option to view ip address


Client system ip address obtain details


View Live DHCP lease status

You can view live lease status of DHCP service in endian firewall inside Services menu. It will provide you IP Address, Mac Address, Hostname & lease expiry time.


Reserve/Fixed IP Address

You can fixed a permanent IP address in system through two way . 1st is to set ip address in system manually but providing ip address manually in system is very hectic task and it’s management . It also increase work load. 2nd way to set ip address through DHCP service in server or Firewall. You can reserve ip address of specific system with MAC address permanently.

To perform this task you’ll have to go in Services menu of Add fix lease. Also notedown MAC address from system or from Dynamic Lease section to fix ip address.

Click on Add a Fixed lease


Fill MAC address, IP address and click on Add fixed lease



In Endian Firewall DHCP service part has been done. I hope this tutorial will help you to configure DHCP in your enterprise network.

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