About us

About us

About Us

Linux Gateway is a collaborative effort from various industry experts to bring across the most practical and easy approaches to handling various aspects of Linux implementation. We aspire to provide you with the most Advanced Linux Tutorials & How-To’s for you to benefit as  a community.

Linux Gateway will be your single gateway to several Linux tutorials and guides , each being elaborative yet very interesting in its approach. We have also tried to bundle our guides with videos direct from live classes, language has been kept in Hindi, because we love our freedom to do so.

Linux Gateway is not just any copy-paste blog which eats your time without providing much info. Each of our guides have been scrutinized by industry experts. We have tried to disseminate our  years of experience in this industry keeping in mind high importance on quality, comprehensiveness, and usefulness into each of the articles published.

Team behind Linux Gateway:

The people behind Linux Gateway is the team of extremely talented Linux professionals led by a visionary Mr Vikas Debnath ( CEO KVIT Solutions) , having a total experience of more than 15 years in this industry. The team at KVIT Solutions believe that “We are born free and no Gates or Windows, can snatch our freedom”,keeping this in mind the team is striving very hard to spread the zeal of Linux among the masses and in this way they are just giving it back to the community.

Want to be a part of the Team:

Just drop in a mail to us with a short bio at [email protected] and we will be happy to lead the light together.